We have Zigged and Zagged our way through the ever expanding content universe.  We’ve worked with various brands, networks, clients, and production companies.  Developed and produced our share our idea and stories. From advertising, digital and short form content, original long form programming. We’ve made scripted narrative content, from comedy, drama and sci-fi. As well as all forms documentaries and reality shows.

There has been the memorable experiences and earning their trust and sharing the journey of creating something new and exciting.  We took risks and chances together, as collaborators, to be brave and bold, persistent to find a voice and message that connected with the consumer or audience.

How We can Help You

There’s branding and story telling. A brand has a story to tell, and a story needs a brand to stand out. We’re perfect as brand and story consultants for new and existing campaigns. It’s the world of nuance and opportunity.

Experience: There’s years spent on the inside, at ad agencies for various big brands. There’s years on the inside developing and producing digital content, original programming, and working in television production for producers, filmmakers, and production companies.

We have the multi-discipline capability, from contributing with creative strategy, ideation, and production.  Writing, producing, directing and editing.  Pre-production to delivery for indie film style production.



Warren Lam

917.825.9231 |Warren@creativefugitives.com