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Flirting with Gravity is an innovative transmedia concept set in the world of Action Sports.  It started as a coming of age teen drama, pitched as “The O.C meets the X-Games.” I met veteran producer Chris Buchanan, who was running Joss Whedon’s Buffy Empire at the time. We had a few pitch meetings with talent agents and studios, and everyone like the script but passed anyway.

As a seasoned industry vet, Chris always knew we were running uphill with a newbie like me, but he thought we had a unique platform for product integration.

I confess: The first script was very paint by numbers. Well written with good characters, but was very by the numbers. This was a version I had to create to show I understood important aspects of storytelling, but it wasn’t true to my spirit to bring something new and different to the party. Rather then give up, Chris and I decided to go big, do something off the rails

There were trends and changing in the media landscape that were about to reshape the landscape, and we wanted to get ahead of it.

Instead of making a traditional scripted fictional drama, I suggested a “mash-up” of creating an episode using various formats. I was working as an assistant editor on reality shows and saw how I was organizing various elements in “bins”, like interviews, competition, reality, B-roll. These were elements used to create an reality episode, so why couldn’t we do that with a scripted series, using a variety of format elements, like anime, CGI, even a docu-reality series.

We would use the original fictional teen drama as the foundation, and then expand outwards.  This would feel very different from any narrative scripted series, but at the same time this would like completely normal to a millennial consumed content.  This may not sound radical now, but when we were pitching this, we got a lot of blank stares. There was always one smart exec, who got it, who would praise us for our ambition, or bold vision to try new things, so that would keep us going.

Digital and social media continues to evolve, so even though we were too early to the party, by a decade, the themes and stories are timeless. The passage of youth is universally grounded in the challenges of self-discovery.

Looking back, I am proud at how we were inspired to go down the harder path, to completely shift the paradigm and actually most of our vision taking shape in the current media landscape. That’s the creative boner, and I can’t deny I got one, However, I am more touched, and moved by the compliments with the young millennials who inspired by the themes and storylines. I’m not their age, but they recognized the something authentic in our themes.